About Blackstone Realty

Blackstone Realty is about a dream that began over 13 years ago to establish a real estate company that does more than provide Realtors a place to work. Kelli Vanevenhoven envisioned a company whose name would be synonymous with first class service among buyers, sellers and Realtors. In order to accomplish this, the vision included a foundation formed from the highest standards in the industry. Standards that provide people first class service and standards that offer professional-minded Realtors a company driven to empower and equip them to achieve the highest success possible.

Blackstone Realty was established to provide professional property services to clients who want a superior level of service – regardless of which Blackstone Realtor is representing them. Standardization in service may be possible for restaurant franchise formats, but how can it be accomplished with a real estate office? That question, combined with an unyielding desire to give serious agents a supportive environment and cutting edge training is the basis of Blackstone Realty. Blackstone Realty is a model based on the clients and the agents.

Taking an Active Role Alongside the Realtors

Where the average brokerage relies on the individual agent to decide how to market their listings, Blackstone Realty ensures every listing receives a certain level of quality marketing by taking an active role alongside their agents. For instance, this is the age of the internet and over 86% of today’s buyers are searching online for property – before calling a Realtor. For this reason, Blackstone orders Listing Website Tours (ProluxTours.com) and professional photography for all of their listings. Each property will have its own website, where the street address is the web address. This is in addition to the mailing promotions and magazine advertising sponsored by Blackstone.

By taking an active role in the marketing of their listings, Blackstone Realty can offer all sellers quality marketing services. However, this mentality continues beyond the marketing and extends throughout the administrative aspects regarding the listing and escrow process. With Blackstone Realty, you have a dedicated Realtor whose broker is equally committed to providing you with a memorable level of excellence.

Our Mission

We desire to establish our name as a first class establishment of real estate services. In all of our business dealings we want our clientele, colleges and vendors to always have a remarkable experience working with Blackstone Realty.

Our Core Values


          • It is not just a word, it is the way we do business.
          • Always work with honesty and professionalism

     Excellence is our minimum standard

          • If it is not excellent, do not do it
          • Work with passion, commitment and enthusiasm
          • Exceed clients’ expectations

     Play to Win

          • Work hard but keep it fun
          • Finish what you started, never give up
          • Teamwork, together we all win

     Servant Leadership

          • Treat everyone with respect
          • In serving people, your needs will be met.

Why Choose a Blackstone Realtor to List Your Home?

As we have shared in our mission statement and materials, we are different than most brokers. We do not recruit just anyone to be a Blackstone Realtor. In order to represent our company, individuals must have a serious commitment to this business and share the same values as we share. Therefore, every Blackstone agent is committed to excellence.

Furthermore, we do not leave the marketing of your home to chance. We employ professional photographers and web designers to create an exclusive website for your listing. We do this in addition to the marketing your agent will provide and in addition of the mailing promotions and magazine advertising we provide.

At virtually every corner of service, there is a Blackstone professional looking out for both you and your agent. When you choose Blackstone, you are not alone. You have a cutting-edge team that is 100% committed to your listing and your service experience.